Documenting Church Alley & Broad Green

We invited people to take part in our local history project about Broad Green and Church Alley. We asked for their memories, photos and stories about this area (and other areas where  they had lived, to compare). Click here for the project website.

We requested photos and stories on all kinds of topics, including:
• shops and businesses
• houses and streets
• buildings, parks and fields / those which have gone, those still here today
• transport
• entertainment / pubs
• places of worship / Christ Church / others
• children / playing out
• school / Sunday school
• families / friends / groups
• long term residents / new arrivals
• special occasions / festivals / carnival / days out
• events and disasters / riots / fires / wartime bomb damage

• Church Alley
• London Road / Handcroft Road / Mitcham Road
• between Handcroft Road and Mitcham Road

• then and now / show us your old photos / take new ones specially for the project
• here and elsewhere / how does Broad Green compare with other places where you’ve lived?

We interviewed people about their memories using an audio recorder.

Exhibition, noticeboards and online archive:
• We mounted an exhibition of the photos and stories in text and audio in Broad Green Library, launching in Spring 2013. This was also displayed in various locations as part of the Croydon Heritage Festival, in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
• We set up a website/online archive of some of the photos and stories.
• We originally planned to set up noticeboards in and around Church Alley with information about the area, but for various reasons this was not possible.

Contact for taking part was:
Cathy Aitchison, Friends of Church Alley
Or use the Reply/Comment box below.

This project was funded by Croydon Small Grants.

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